Facebook advertising specialist – Consultant (Terms of Reference)

Requesting Country: Global

Position: Facebook advertising specialist (Consultant)

Timeframe:  15 days

Start date: ASAP

Location: remote


Profile and skills

Broad AttributeSpecific Skills
Language Skills
  • English required. Knowledge of French and/or Arabic is an advantage
Communication & Management Skills
  • Strong communication skills and ability to explain to non-technical audiences
Personal Attributes
  • Autonomous working
  • Ability to remain flexible and find creative solutions when facing challenges
Analysis & Technical Skills
  • Strong digital marketing skills
  • Experience setting up Facebook advertising campaigns, preferably applied to social science research and/or to recruit survey respondents in the target countries/regions selected for this study


IMPACT Initiatives is conducting two studies to assess the impact of COVID 19 on the socio-economic conditions and social protection of Tunisian and Moroccan workers living in three regions: Europe, Gulf countries and North America to inform operational measures and public policies targeting the target populations in the countries listed below. Each one of the two studies targets a separate population of interest. Data collection processes and deliverables are separate. Research questions and methodologies are be the same.

Populations of interest and geographic scope

Study 1: Tunisian workers living in 9 countries: Europe (France, Italy, Germany), Gulf area (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates), North America (Canada and USA);

Study 2 (Moroccan workers living in 11 countries: Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium), Gulf area (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates), North America (Canada and USA)

Expected targets of filled-out questionnaires per study (targets per region and per country may change and per country will be confirmed upon start of the consultancy)

  • Europe: 1500 (Moroccan respondents), 1100 (Tunisian respondents)
  • Gulf Countries: 800 (Moroccan respondents), 800 (Tunisian respondents)
  • North America: 700 (Moroccan respondents), 500 (Tunisian respondents)

Survey participants will be recruited through Facebook ads. By clicking on the Facebook ad, they will be immediately directed to the survey platform and invited to fill out a 10 minute-survey available in French or Arabic.

Expected duration of the consultancy: 2 weeks (15 days),

Start date: asap


Activities and outputs



(2 weeks)Meeting with the IMPACT Project team to provide background information on project rationale, expected targets per region and review of ongoing Facebook Advertising strategy with the IMPACT project team. By the end of the meeting, the consultant is expected, in agreement with the Research Specialist, to advise on whether improving the existing strategy and/or setting up a new one.


Based on agreed decisions above, submission of two short reports outlining the proposed FB ad strategies for recruitment of respondents from the 2 populations of interest. Reports should illustrate: (1) expected targets – in line with project objectives, (2) proposed FB ad objective and bidding strategy, (3) audience settings, (4) expected outreach and link clicks per day, (5) daily budget and (6) overall budget (in line with budget available and targets chosen for the project):

1- to recruit Tunisian respondents to the survey

2- to recruit Moroccan respondents to the survey


Set-up of strategy to recruit Tunisian respondents;

Set-up of strategy to recruit Moroccan respondents;

Monitor Facebook ads performance against agreed targets and ensure daily exchanges with Migration Research specialist: are targets in line with expectations in relation to views/clicks, clicks/ day, filled survey/ click?

Provide daily reports of transactions made.

Review Facebook advertising targeting strategy if required to meet targets by country in consultation with Migration Research Specialist.





·         2 reports with proposed FB ad strategy (indicating estimated targets – in line with project targets – FB ad objective, bidding strategy, how many ads per day, how much budget per day)

·         Facebook ads to recruit Tunisian nationals residing abroad (# of FB ads tbc)

·         Facebook ads for Moroccan nationals residing abroad (# to be agreed)

·         Daily reports of transactions made / budget spent

·         Filled-out questionnaires (according to project sample targets) by Moroccan respondents

·         Filled-out questionnaires (according to project sample targets) by Tunisian respondents



Interested candidates are requested to submit their CV, a technical and financial offer asap. Expressions of interest will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • relevant experience in relation to assigned work;
  • quality of the technical proposal and global understanding of the tasks;
  • financial offer;

Please, send your application with all the related documents to:


Reporting lines and hosting conditions

The IMPACT FB Advertising Specialist (Consultant) will be under the functional supervision of the Migration Research Specialist based at IMPACT’s HQ in Geneva.

The selected consultant will work remotely.