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We are currently looking for a Research Manager to lead our new Programming and Accountability Research Unit in  Afghanistan

He/she will be responsible for the implementation and completion of the various work streams within the PAR Unit. He/She will be responsible for engaging with partners, supporting in providing relevant contextual analysis, and provide technical support in analysing, reviewing and validating Programming and Accountability Research Unit products and research cycles. He/She will be responsible for engagement with analytical forums and workshops, including the ESNFI Cluster, Cash and Voucher Working Group, AAP Working Group, and other relevant     forums or working groups. He/she will also be responsible for related logistics, partner coordination, reporting, grants management, and finance requirements and will be required to provide input to the strategic development of IMPACT, REACH, and other relevant initiatives, in the country and region. He/she will also be expected to coordinate and collaborate closely with the IMPACT (Deputy) Country Coordinator and the other heads of units within IMPACT Afghanistan.


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