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We are currently looking for a Senior Assessment Officer to support our migration team in Warsaw, Poland.

The migration team at IMPACT is currently implementing a large-scale innovative longitudinal study on the impacts of the conflict in Ukraine and displacement on people fleeing the country and moving into the EU and further afield. Based on continuous data collection with people first interviewed at border crossing points and then called back on a bi-weekly basis to understanding displacement patterns and needs in real time, the study aims to inform both programmatic and strategic response to the needs of displaced people within the EU, with a focus on migration decision-making and integration.

To support the team, IMPACT is looking to hire a Senior Migration Assessment Officer to work on the analysis, interpretation, presentation of data emerging from the study. We are looking for someone with a good understanding of migration dynamics some experience in analyzing, interpreting and presenting quantitative data. Good team management skills with consolidated writing skills and capacity to present data and findings in different formats.

Under the line management of the IMPACT Migration Research Specialist, the Senior Migration Assessment Officer supports the implementation of IMPACT’s research cycles in relation to the longitudinal study outlined above, including at the preparation, data collection, analysis, drafting, dissemination and evaluation stages. Tasks will include (as relevant) secondary desk review, indicator review, tool development, data analysis, data cleaning, output production, and IM platform design. This support will be provided for singular or several research cycles, based on the needs of the response and instructions provided by his/her supervisor.