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We are currently looking for a Senior Data Officer to join our Global Research Team.

The Senior Data Officer will be part of the IMPACT Research Department and under the supervision of the Research Design & Data (RDD) Unit Manager.

The overall objective of the RDD Unit is to ensure all IMPACT research cycles are meeting / exceeding IMPACT’s research standards, wider academic standards and overall research ethics in the research methods, data processing and analysis practices being used. To achieve this objective, the RDD Unit:

  • Provides day-to-day support and advice (including review and validation of all relevant outputs) to IMPACT country teams on all aspects of (quantitative) data processing and analysis;
  • Develops tools and guidelines to enhance and standardise research design, data processing & analysis practices within IMPACT;
  • Contributes to IMPACT’s capacity building efforts vis-à-vis data processing and analysis;
  • Engages in internal and external engagement to strengthen research design, data processing & analysis practices within IMPACT;
  • Consistently strengthens quality of research within IMPACT through the capitalisation of best practices and implementation of lessons learned and M&E processes.

Within this setup, the Senior Data Officer will support with (1) advising on/ reviewing outputs related to quantitative data processing and analysis (2) data management, including implementation of IMPACT Data Protection SOPs (3) process follow-up (4) developing tools and guidelines (5) capacity building related to quantitative data processing and analysis.

Specifically, s/he will be responsible for ensuring data cleaning is conducted according to IMPACT /REACH standards and that meaningful statistical analysis and techniques are used to infer results from the data collected. The Senior Data Officer will also be responsible for implementing the data protection standards used by IMPACT /REACH to ensure accuracy, consistency, comparability and privacy of the data shared. S/he will also ensure that data processing and analysis steps are fully documented and replicable.


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