Who we are

Created in 2010, IMPACT is a Geneva-based NGO and the largest independent data provider in contexts of crisis. We aim to support a range of stakeholders in making better, more informed decisions in humanitarian, stabilisation, and development settings. We believe that a key pathway to better planning and decision-making is direct engagement with local communities and their leaders.

Through our team of assessment, data, geospatial, and thematic specialists, we promote the design of people-centred research and set standards for collecting and analysing rigorous, high quality data in complex environments. IMPACT also aims to foster partnerships and build capacities with key stakeholders.

IMPACT takes an initiative-based approach to structuring our programming. Each initiative has a specific aim, operational model, and portfolio of solutions.

  • REACH strengthens evidence-based humanitarian decision-making through efficient data collection, management, and analysis – before, during, and after an emergency.
  • PANDA improves the impact of humanitarian and development interventions through programme design, assessments, and monitoring & evaluation.
  • AGORA promotes localised and multi-sectoral aid action in support of the recovery and stabilisation of crisis-affected communities, in partnership with local stakeholders.

We have a footprint in 30+ countries, with more than 400 staff in our country offices and Geneva HQ. Through our global team of research specialists, on average IMPACT publishes more than 2,000 information products on a yearly basis.

Where we work



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